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KIR-70150KIT #1

15" Econo Containment Seat And Cover

KIRKY SEATS  |  Part# KIR-70150KIT

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  • Designed for short track racing
  • Replaces your economy or standard seat
  • MIG welded from .125" thick 5052 grade aluminum.
  • Designed to accommodate all head and neck restraints.
  • Head and Shoulder Restraints are adjustable 1 1/2" vertically
  • Reinforced head and shoulders for additional support
  • Energy absorbing impact foam on head
  • Head designed for easy entry and exit from race car
  • Built in reinforced shoulder restraints
  • Openings for 5 or 6 point seat belts
  • Seat belt openings have rubber grommets
  • Easy to install cover
  • Contour foam bottom for comfort and support