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Q-F-HR-750 #1

Hot Rod 750 CFM Mech Secondary

QUICK FUEL  |  Part# Q-F-HR-750

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Quick Fuel's Hot Rod all aluminum caste carburetors offer a tremendous weight saving over conventional zinc carburetors. Each carburetor features a tumble polished finish for corrosion protection and a long-lasting shine. Available with mechanical or vacuum secondaries and are hand assembled with non-stick gaskets and engine tested in the USA.

Benefits and Features:

  • Full Round Shaft with new serviceable lever
  • Quick Set electric choke on all models with one wire hookup
  • Quick Set sight glass built into each fuel bowl - no messy float adjustments
  • High flow needle and seat assemblies
  • Revolutionary cast metering block design features screw-in idle feed restrictions, four-door power valve, large headed stainless-steel mixture screws, and 4-corner idle
  • Main bodies feature screw-in air bleeds - no drilling required to tune your carburetor
  • Throttle bodies feature necessary vacuum ports for street use - 2 timed spark ports for vacuum advance - on

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