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MOR-72407 #1

Blue Max Spiral Race Wire Set Sleeved


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Perfect for Circle Track Applications with MSD Style Caps w/Female Terminals. Coil Wire Included.
Under Headers PREMIUM 800 Ohm Spiral Core Wire. 90 degree High Temp Silicone Plug Boots. Sleeved, Shrink Sealed, and Numbered.
Only the finest materials used in all parts of these wires from the compact silicon plug boots to the extra thick EPDM layer in the wires. Independent Elite Laboratory testing against 14 other brands showed Moroso wires transmitted more spark energy than any other brand. In break through voltage testing at a maximum test output of 60,000 volts in a water filled tank Moroso was the only wire that did not break down or arc. You cannot buy a better plug wire!!

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