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OCT-04-1800 #1

One Man Brake Bleeder With Magnet And Check Valve


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The “ONE-MAN’ Brake Bleeder Bottle.

The new bottle is very simple to use. Just affix the bottle to the brake rotor via the magnet, attach the silicone tube to the brake caliper bleed screw, open the bleed screw slightly, then slowly pump the brake pedal.

Each downward stroke of the brake pedal opens the integral one-way check valve and expels old brake fluid into the bottle. As the pedal returns the check valve closes allowing new brake fluid to be drawn into the system from the master cylinder (and also prevents air from entering the system).

Start with the caliper farthest from the master cylinder and progress to the next farthest, etc. Always check that the master cylinder reservoir doesn't run out of brake fluid and top up as needed with fresh fluid. As you finish each caliper just remove the silicone tube from the bleed screw and 'park' it back on the vent/drain port on the cap (which minimizes the chance for drips & spills).

Simple, clean & effective.

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