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OCT-01-26550 #1

2 Stage Poly Torque Link POSI-STOP


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Our new Posi-Stop Rate Progression Torque Links with Adjustable Spring Bushing
Travel Stops are the latest leap forward in torque link technology. Both of these
torque links offer the racer a number of advantages.
* Ability to run a very soft spring bushing for good initial traction & better restarts, combined with
a harder spring bushing to maintain traction out of the corner.
* A Positive Travel Stop prevents the soft spring bushing from being over-compressed greatly im-
proving spring bushing life.
* The Two Stage Torque Link has an additional adjustable travel stop which ÒLocks UpÓ the torque
link after a pre-set amount of spring bushing compression so engine torque is not wasted in com-
pressing the bushings. In certain track conditions this gives superior performance.
* The progression of the spring rate can be quickly tailored to track conditions without removing
the torque link from the car. Decreasing the compression of the soft bushing has the effect of in-
creasing spring rate while increasing the travel has the effect of decreasing the spring rate.
* Both model of Rate Progression Torque Links have isolated traction and brake shafts so engine
and brake spring bushings operate independently. Corner entry & exit can be tuned
separately. The brake bushing works sooner because itÕs not pre-loaded with traction bushing
pre-load. The car turns better in the middle of the corner and comes off the bars smoother be-
cause thereÕs less wrap-up.
* Built-in travel indicator to measure compression travel.
* These torque links also feature heavy duty stand off rods, sealed bushings and a 3/4Ó chrome plated shaft.

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