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(07190 Imx 20) 110/90-19 Motorcyle Rear Tire


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Tire Details

  • Tire Type: MX
  • Tire Size: 110/90-19
  • Tread Width: 5
  • Approx. Circumference: 85.5
  • Recommended Rim Width: 1.85-2.15
  • Section Width: 5
  • Tire Compound: IMX20

This tire is optimal as a rear tire on a 250 & 450 Off Road bikes in Supercross, Motocross and GNCC. These are the same tires that are run at the pro level, and offer awesome traction off the gate and optimal corner speed (where races are won). You are going to have a better comfort feel through both the braking bumps and acceleration bumps off the corner with the new Hoosier. Optimal air pressure range is 12-14 psi.

Refer to Hoosier TIre Page (here) and the Hoosier Spec Catalog on that page for THE NO WARRANTY POLICY AND WARNINGS.

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