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OCT-12-1011 #1

Medium Double Layer Impact Dark GRAY/RED Suit


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Made in the USA craftsmanship to achieve a stylish, comfortable suit. Hand-crafted from lightweight sateen Nomex® this suit is both FIA homologated, and certified to the SFI 5 specification. This allows the suit to be used in more series than conventional FIA homologated, or SFI certified only suits. Also features V-stitch quilting for exceptional thermal performance; a 180 degree belt, and inset pockets for superior comfort!

  • Manufacturer certified to comply with the FIA SFI 5 Specification.
  • Fire-retardant outer layer with cool comfortable ImpactMAX inner liner. Functional Back & Auxillary Gusset.
  • Anatomical Stretch Crotch.
  • 360 degree full-floating arm gussets.
  • Comfortable ribbed arm cuffs and a boot cut ankle cuffs for a tight seal and fit.
  • Inset front pants pockets.

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